Monday, August 8, 2016

It's a conspiracy

It’s all a conspiracy, and it’s true, exquisitely true.
Designed to bring up all the things you’ve ever been
feared,  all the things you’ve hoped for, all the things
you regret, all the things you wonder, all these things
perfectly arranged to make you feel that all
these things are perfectly arranged in
such a way  that you will say,
“Of course this is real, Of course I’m real,
Of course. But, of course. I truly feel the way I feel.
Of course. It’s true. I'm true. I'm real. This is happening.”

So, everything and everyone is happening
in such a way as to suggest
that you are you and that you have a mind.
A total conspiracy .
Self hypnosis.
Where is this mind? Who made it? Who does it serve?
Is it an opportunity? Is it a trap?
Is it a mystery, inside a mystery?
Who is reading this?
Is reading reading this? What is reading?
What is happening?
Is this truly some kind of conspiracy?
Which kind?
If you knew which kind, who would you tell,
and how would you tell?
Truly, ask yourself, when no one
is around, and no one can hear
you, and no one can see you,
and no one really knows you,
and no one, not even you,
knows what you’re thinking,
or that you are even thinking, when
you are by yourself,
ask yourself,
“Can I keep a secret?”

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