Thursday, July 14, 2016

depth perception

What do you see down there?
What is going on, really?
Have you ever really asked,
What Is Seeing?
Not "Pure" Seeing.
Not some other seeing,
a better seeing, a worse seeing,
a better being, a worse being,
a better life, a worse life,
than the one that being lived,
the living that may not 
even be living,
but rather 
just Seeing.
And if up close,
and in the endless distance,
all our loves, fears, dreams,
and awakenings,
the entire world, and our
entire identity, an infinitude of
worlds, worlds of words,
infinitude of roles, postures, gestures, 
metaphors, suggestions of placebos,
movements within movements,
ungraspable, terrifying -
if all these movements are seen
and all seeings
are just Seeing,
What is going on really?
What is Seeing?
What do you see down there?