Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Something's happening to us. Would we prefer to say that something is happening in us? Above us? Deep inside us? Aren't these descriptions just happening, too? Where are they happening - and most importantly, How? Is it ever even possible to know how things work, how the many parts inside us work together? 

Are there even parts or systems, within us and around us, including us and affecting us? There seems to be a part of us responding to these questions in some way - quite spontaneously, with its own understanding, and that change might be described as parts affecting other parts, people affecting people, thought affecting thought - but right this moment the change that we are is sudden - inexplicable.

If we were to use words to describe the parts of us, the parts in us that are changing, responding, even now, reading these words,  what words would we use? Aren't words parts too? And parts are just words. Can parts truly describe parts? Words describing words can't really say anything about what's going on. Yet that functioning is taking place even as we read this. Shifting. Searching. Working on us. Gaining ground. Convincing us that we are ourselves, instantly - and with proof of purchase, and detailed inventory - a breakdown in parts according to function describes parts in terms of parts. 

Great chain of placebo. Great mirage of a mirage - shimmering. At any given moment we can't help but think we know, and think we think, for perception is so automatic, we may not even call it perception.

There's no such thing as perception.

A distinct response is taking place as we read this. I can feel it and you can feel me feeling it as a response occurs with you right now. I don't know what kind of response - what to compare it to. I don't dare say its happening within you, nor around you, or through you because I really don't know which part is the part of you listening to which part of me is talking, writing, function - so much activity, spontaneous relationship, there's no time to take stock, no stock with which to measure time, for there is no present moment that can frame and contain this seamless response that is occurring for us, reading this.

There is no such thing as the present moment.

But, there is most certainly a response - The so called body. As emotion. The so called mind. As thought. Describing themselves as such. Thinking its feeling, feeling its thinking. Working as a seamless team. Once again, for the very first time, a body that thinks in part appears - sudden, whole, awake - a miracle.