Sunday, April 2, 2017

there is a place

"there is a place, a location, that you come back to in your dreams, from time to time, and in the dream that place is familiar. When you awaken, if you take the care to inquire gently, you remember that it is even more than familiar. and when you remember to remember that you've been here before, it's so much stronger than deja vu - you know that place is real. You've been there before, again and again, in detail. And you're back, right now, as you read this. This is real. More real than dreams, more real than reality, because both "here" and "there", you know that place, you know without knowing how you know - a real memory of the reality beyond memory - located at the heart of memory itself, beyond which is like a wellspring - the place where we remember things is the same place where we see things is the same place that recognizes places and faces and traces of traces is the very place we call home again and again."

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